Diabetes Care Starter Jamun Kit

Try out this Diabetes Care Starter Pack specially curated to improve the life quality of our Diabetes consumers. Jamun is a proven fruit to aid in maintaining Blood Glucose levels.
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    Jamun Vinegar-1 , 500ML, ₹ 295/-;
    Jamun Seed powder-1, 250 gms, ₹220/-;
    Jamun Green Tea-1, 30 pouch, ₹ 255/-;

    Jamun Strips-1, 20 gm, ₹75/-

    Get this Diabetes Care starter kit for ₹666 only! 

What makes Jamun a Superfruit?

Manages Blood Sugar

Has antioxidants, phytochemical
and fiber that slow the absorption
of sugar in blood and improve
insulin production

Aids Weight Management

Low in calories but high in fiber
and anti-inflammatory
enzymes that aid weight
management and digestion

Improves Immunity

An excellent source of
Vitamin C, a potent
antioxidant that has a key
role in boosting the immune

Good for Heart and BP

Potassium richness that
helps regulate blood
pressure and protect
against heart disease.

Detoxifier for Liver and Kidney

Has detoxifying properties
that support liver and
kidney function.

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