About us

We are Tribalveda, India’s only online marketplace selling organic and natural products made from Jamun, also known as Java Plum or Indian Blackberry. Tribal communities of India are a storehouse of knowledge on traditional herbs and forest produce. And Ayurveda is our Vedic treatise on medicines and medicinal practices. Tribalveda combines the two, selling healthy Jamun products made by tribal communities in the forests of Udaipur — the southernmost tip of Rajasthan.

We work with forest produce collected by tribal women from forests, in turn providing them with dignified livelihood opportunities. We process the produce without using chemicals or preservatives in world-class facilities with the highest focus on hygiene. Our high-technology packaging ensures that our organic and all-natural products reach you in the healthiest way possible.

We work with women from tribal communities that live in the forests of Udaipur. We provide direct employment to tribal womens and as we expand to other states, this number will go up to 5,000 in the next few years. Our work has stopped the exploitation of these tribal women because earlier, they would walk for kilometres to sell their produce in nearby villages and towns, where people would buy their fruits for as little as Rs 4 per kg. With the fear of spoilage by evening, these women were forced to sell at whatever rates were offered, We buy their produce at market rates through our collection centres, giving them sustainable and dignified livelihood. Tribalveda empowers tribal women at multiple levels as they not only collect forest produce but are also involved in processing in our plants.

We currently offer 6 Jamun-based products. Jamun flakes (dried Jamun), Jamun strips, Jamun seed powder, Jamun caffeine-free tea, Jamun ark (concentrate) and Jamun vinegar. All our products are fresh from the forests and preservative free.