Empowering the unnoticed

Empowering the tribal woman community of Rajastan

Stories of Empowerment

Tribalveda was founded with the core purpose of preserving traditional forest produce and while doing so supporting the tribal communities who have been living there from hundreds of years. Tribal communities of India are a storehouse of knowledge on traditional herbs and forest produce. And Ayurveda is our Vedic treatise on medicines and medicinal practices. Tribalveda combines the two and brings you innovative products with great health benefits and full of nostalgic taste. Not only we are providing direct employment to tribal women but also working on a larger goal of creating a sustainable. Value chain so that they keep getting the benefit for long term. We also encourage and educate them about forest conservation and do large scale tree plantation.

Who we are

We are the first company to bring Organic food into India's home kitchens. At Tribel Veda, we believe food is the nourishment for not just our bodies but also our minds and souls. A clean, toxin-free diet is the easiest way to a healthy body and happy mind.

Our founders started this project a decade ago to give back to nature and society, foster communities, and encourage farmers to regenerate our soils & evolve the future of food.

Humans have derived the concept of pesticides and fertilizers from ancient civilizations like Sumer and Mesopotamia. But as we have become more technologically and chemically advanced, the toxicity of these chemicals has risen and wreaked havoc on the health of our soil and our people.Our connection to nature and understanding how to have a symbiotic relationship with it has effectively depleted. This in turn has made us a society plagued with a multitude of diseases and declining harvests.Our main goal at Tribal Veda is to reverse this process and usher India into the golden age of health - where we strengthen our ties with Mother Nature and relearn how to use food as not just nutrition but medicine for the body, free from harmful pesticides and chemicals - as Nature intended it to be.

From The Founder

In the inspiring tale behind Tribalveda's genesis, I, Rajesh Oza, trace a journey that defied norms and celebrated resilience. Emerging from a 12th-grade education, armed with 1000 rupees, I embarked on an entrepreneurial odyssey. With no agricultural background, my wife Pooja and I left Mumbai's comforts to uplift Udaipur's Grasiya tribal women. From these humble beginnings, Jovaki, meaning 'enlighten', was born.

Today, at the helm of a 2-crore empire poised to grow tenfold, the true wealth lies in the 1200+ empowered tribal women. For me Tribalveda isn't just a venture; it's a beacon of transformation and hope. From meager beginnings, their journey embodies the power of perseverance and the potential for change. Together, let's continue scripting stories of progress, illuminating lives with the light of opportunity.

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