Tribalveda- It’s a Natural Product Adventure

Tribalveda is all Jamun Based Health Products. It brings you the products which are made up of Natural Jamun from forests which have immense health and life benefits. Tribalveda as the name says it is the result of efforts of tribal women across regions. From Collecting fruit to processing all job is complete by tribal women. Tribalveda takes pride to say it provides stable employment and income to the tribal community through its work which in turn improves the livelihood of ethnic groups.

Our Products are excellent sources of valuable nutrients like Vitamins A & C, Essential fibers, Potassium. Jamun is a traditional medicine that lowers your bad cholesterol and regularises blood pressure. It Boosts your Immunity and Aids Weight Loss. The real benefit of Jamun is it helps to control your sugar level in the body. For Diabetic patients, Jamun can control their sugar levels which certainly helps to enhance insulin activity and sensitivity. Tribalveda is committed to producing chemical-free products with no added sugar, no preservatives, and no flavors. All Tribalveda products sustainable and 100% natural processed under license from AKRUTI, BARC, DAE, Government of India.

Our product comprises of Jamun dried seed powder, Jamun Strips, Jamun Flakes, Jamun Caffeine free tea.
Tribalveda Jamun seed powder is 100% natural and organically grown, Processed in a Chemical-Free environment. Jamun seed powder is rich in vitamin A and C, May Boost Immunity System and helps indigestion. Jamun seed powder may help in maintaining healthy lipid levels & may help to detoxify the body and lower blood pressures.

Jamun Strips are made from the Jamun Pulp, they are delicious and bite-sized individually Wrapped Pieces. It is a tasty delight to enjoy during free hours or for refreshment.
Jamun flakes are the perfect snack for your diet. These naturally high in fiber, chemical-free flakes will satisfy any fruity craving. Tribalveda brings you nature’s tasty Jamun flakes.

Jamun Caffeine Free Tea is made from fresh natural Jamun collected from the forest. Jamun Tea aid Your Digestion and are not only delicious, but they also promote stable blood pressure and blood sugar levels and supports maximum nutrient absorption.

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